Computing Without Pain With the MouseKeyDo System
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About The MouseKeyDo System

Patients, clinicians and employers use the MouseKeyDo System to prevent and reduce repetitive stress injury and thus improve employee productivity and reduce workers compensation claims. To purchase the MouseKeyDo System for your organization, please contact us.

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The MouseKeyDo System is comprised of three parts:

Training Manual
The MouseKeyDo training manual includes 27 step-by-step lessons on workspace setup, sitting, mouse, keyboard and laptop training. The photo illustrations, sidebars, practice exercises, self-assessment quiz, and integration with the CD-ROM make the manual effective and easy to use. The manual also includes a discussion of the 12 most common computer-related injuries, a training log and over 150 references on related topics.

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The CD-ROM includes over 45 minutes of VHS-quality video of Dr. Kahan conducting a MouseKeyDo training session. In 15 separate video segments, Dr. Kahan and his patient demonstrate the MouseKeyDos and MouseKeyDon'ts, close-ups to help patients understand proper sitting and typing form, and walk-throughs of key lessons that make up the MouseKeyDo System.

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Online Learning with
The course includes the complete MouseKeyDo system plus 2 added lessons on the use of handheld devices.

Patients, clinicians and corporate clients have the option of purchasing training services. The MouseKeyDo staff can train your employees, health and safety staff, PTs, OTs, or ergonomists on Dr. Kahan's system.

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