Computing Without Pain With the MouseKeyDo System
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Sample chapters are in PDF format; you'll need the Adobe Acrobat Reader to read them.

View sample video clips from the CD-ROM.

Learn about the benefits of using the MouseKeyDoTM System.

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  The MouseKeyDo Training Manual

The MouseKeyDo Training Manual is packed with practice exercises and photos illustrating correct and incorrect positions, postures, and so forth. Each manual comes with a CD-ROM containing video demonstrating key techniques for using the keyboard, mouse, and laptop.

Download Chapter Three - Sitting, Chapter Eleven - Computer-Related Muscle, Tendon, and Joint Injuries or Chapter Twelve - Computer-Related Nerve Injuries (all in PDF format; Adobe Acrobat Reader required.)

Table of Contents (sample chapters are linked):


Chapter One - Creating a Body-Friendly Workspace
Keyboard and Mouse Placement
Chair Placement
Monitor Placement
Arm and Wrist Wrests
Vision Check
Common-Sense Adjustments

Chapter Two - When Computers Hurt You
Becoming Aware of How You Type
• Finger flexion, extension, and abduction
• Wrist extension (dorsiflexion)
• "Sideways wrists" (ulnar deviation)
• Thumb extension
• Mouse mistakes

Chapter Three - Sitting
Becoming Aware of How You Sit
Lesson 1: Tripod sit
Lesson 2: Pelvic tilt
Lesson 3: Pelvic rock
Lesson 4: Pelvic shift
Lesson 5: Breathing awareness

Chapter Four - Drops
Arms Do the Walking
Lesson 6: New home row
Lesson 7: Vertical drops (up and down)
Lesson 8: Crossing rows (in and out)
Lesson 9: Lateral shifts (side to side)
Lesson 10: Forward balance
Lesson 11: The keys as coordinates

Chapter Five - Beats
Motion and Rhythm
Lesson 12: Bypassing home row
Lesson 13: Resting the non-typing hand
Lesson 14: Rhythm
• Two beats
• Three beats
• Four beats
• Combinations

Chapter Six - Rolls
Lesson 15: Rolling
Lesson 16: Combination words

Chapter Seven - Doing the MouseKeyDo
Lesson 17: Drop, Beat, and Roll®

Chapter Eight - Beyond the Basics
Lesson 18: Space bar
Lesson 19: Shift keys
Lesson 20: Simultaneous keys: divide and conquer
Lesson 21: The number row
Lesson 22: The ten-key number pad
Lesson 23: Repeating keystrokes

Chapter Nine - Mousing Around
Lesson 24: Drop, Drape, and Skate®
Lesson 25: Substituting key commands

Chapter Ten - MouseKeyDo Goes With You
Lesson 26: Laptops at Your Desk
Lesson 27: Laptops On the Go

Chapter Eleven - Computer-Related Muscle, Tendon, and Joint Injuries
Neck Pain
Shoulder Pain
Sore Outer Elbow, Top Forearm, and Wrist
Sore Inner Elbow, Bottom Forearm, and Wrist
Thumb Pain
Finger Pain
Wrist Lump
Pain and Swelling at Base of Thumb

Chapter Twelve - Computer-Related Nerve Injuries
Thoracic Outlet Syndrome
Ulnar Nerve Entrapment
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Radial Nerve Entrapment
Superficial Radial Nerve Entrapment

Doing the MouseKeyDo (lyrics)

Self-Assessment Quiz

Training Log


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