Computing Without Pain With the MouseKeyDo System
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Welcome to The MouseKeyDo System

The MouseKeyDo System is the creation of Norman J. Kahan, M.D., founder and director of Sports and Occupation Medical Associates in Cupertino, Calif. - the heart of computer-centric Silicon Valley. A specialist in physical medicine and rehabilitation, Dr. Kahan noticed that a significant number of his patients were suffering from computer-related repetitive strain injuries. He also realized that even as they were being treated, many of them continued the same mouse and keyboard habits that had injured them in the first place. They didn't know any other way to work.

Combining his background in rehabilitation and his research into ergonomics, Dr. Kahan developed an entirely new way to type, mouse, and laptop based on the way the body naturally moves. He's taught his system to several thousand patients in the last decade, and 89% report that after just a few months, they experience much less pain - or none at all.

The Computing without Pain with the MouseKeyDo System training manual and CD-ROM is a complete guide to Dr. Kahan's new approach. This manual and CD-ROM can be used for either a self-guided, independent study course, as a compliment to clinical treatment, as the main text of a group training class, or as a resource for specific questions.

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